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Hotmail is a web based free mail service which is provided by Microsoft. Hotmail is one of the most common emailing services around the world. As time has passed by, Hotmail has undergone several changes compared to its original offerings. At the moment, it is called Windows Live Mail because it is under a live product site. If you want to visit the Hotmail sign in web page, you can enter or in the URL box. You can also enter Hotmail in the search engines as an alternative and the website usually appears as the first result. Either way, it will depend upon the preference of the user on how he or she would like to arrive to the Hotmail sign in web page. Once you are at the Hotmail website a new sign-up page will open for new Hotmail accounts and also for existing users to log in. If you are currently a Hotmail user and you enjoy the free service, then 5GB space will be given to you which will include security and spam filters. The interface of the Hotmail sign in web page is very simple, and is very quick to load. There are no flashy banners or unnecessary graphicswhich is an advantage to the users.

Hotmail Sign In: How to do it?

As a Hotmail user, you have an option to determine if you prefer the system to ask for your email address and password every time you check emails or keep you logged in always. The Hotmail sign in web page will be provided to you when you log in for the first time. On the right side of the Hotmail sign in web page, you are given checkboxes, buttons and textboxes including useful links that you might need later on when you log in. On the left side, you will be given useful information that is needed for you to sign up. On the Hotmail sign in page, there is a field called Windows Live ID wherein you will be required to put your appropriate email address. Below the Windows Live ID is another field called password that you have used to create your Hotmail account. When you entered all the required details, an option will provided if you want the system to remember your email address every time you use the same computer. Checking the box that says “Remember Me on this Computer”, the system creates a cookie to store the email address every time you open the Hotmail sign in web page. However, you should take note that the detail will be remembered by the system only if you use the same internet browser. Changing the browser will not show your email address when you open the Hotmail sign in web page. You can also determine if you want the computer to remember the password by unchecking or checking the box that says “Remember my Password”. When you check this box, Hotmail will take you to your emails automatically by avoiding the Hotmail sign in web page. You should remember that the system will not remember your password if you do not allow it to remember the email address. Then, the browser will make the necessary adjustment on its setting in order for you to sign in automatically. However, if you are on internet cafe, it is highly advised not to check these boxes in Hotmail sign in web page because you are using shared computers. Anyone might have access to your Hotmail account and this can lead to a problem in the future. If needed, clear the browsing history as well as the cookies.

How to Fix Common Problems on Hotmail Sign in?

Hotmail sign in is not a complex process. However, it can be a big hassle if you encounter some problems especially if you cannot remember your email address as well as the password. There are several ways that you can solve the problem on Hotmail sign in. The first step is to have a worksheet and list your entire passwords on it. Label it in such a way that no one can guess and store it with bunch of office documents. Another way is to use similar answer in security question regardless of the question. If two security questions appeared, you can use similar answer but it is also possible to change the spelling. Entering the wrong password or email address are some of the most common issues that you can encounter in Hotmail sign in. It is easy to fix the forgotten password because you just need to tick the link that states “Forgot Your Password” located at the end part of Hotmail sign in webpage. Then, Hotmail will direct you to a web page that asks to specify the kind of problem you are encountering. You will be asked to enter your email address as well as the captcha which is word verification to prevent programmed requests. Then, you can reset your password through an alternative email address or verify the security question.