Live Hotmail Account Sign In

Live Hotmail Account Sign In is a process that should take you a short time. Hotmail is a free Microsoft web-email service for sending and receiving emails through your PC or any other internet-enabled device. It is convenient to use the Hotmail service to pass and receive messages globally.

Steps for Live Hotmail Account Sign In

The first step in logging into your Live Hotmail account is to open your web browser on your computer. After opening the browser (for example Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer), search ‘’ or ‘’ by typing the addresses into the address bar and hitting the ‘Enter’ key. If you enter ‘’ the website will redirect you into the ‘’ webpage where you can log in.

Once you are at the Live Hotmail Account Sign In screen, provide your Windows Live ID followed by the password in the respective fields. The Windows Live ID is normally your hotmail or email address. It is created at the time of registering an account with hotmail .The password is the secret pin that you choose when registering for your hotmail email account. For example, in the ‘Windows Live ID’ space, enter ‘'; then provide the password, ensuring that your keypad is in the correct case (lower or upper case).

Check the ‘Remember me’ box by right clicking on it. This way, the webpage will remember your name the next time you open it. You can also have the website remember your password by checking the ‘Remember my password’ box just below the ‘Remember me’ feature. While remembering your Hotmail sign in information is not advisable if you are using a public computer or insecure internet connectivity, it helps save time when you make subsequent visits to the login screen. Only check the boxes if you are on a private computer and safe internet connection.

Once you are done, click the ‘Sign In’ button located just below the ‘remember’ on the Live Hotmail login in screen. You will be taken straight to your inbox where you can view emails and send messages to your friends. Alternatively according to your account settings, you may be directed to the Windows Live Screen.

All in all, Live Hotmail Account Sign In is a simple procedure. However, it is quite imperative that you keep your login details safe to keep malicious people from accessing it. To minimize chances of having your account hacked, make your password a little complicated (but make sure you can remember it) by using a mixture of upper and lower case, as well as special characters.